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As part of its transformation strategy to “protect the magic and modernise the rest”, M&S Food has spent months developing a bigger and better range of delicious M&S quality food products that are fantastic value.

And this week some of the key grocery staples that customers buy every day, such as bread, milk, cheese, eggs, salmon and mince will feature in a campaign to show customers that great quality M&S Food is cheaper than they may think and families can confidently shop for bigger baskets.

Launched last year, Remarksable is M&S Food’s way of engaging with customers on its trusted value and quality, encouraging customers to do fuller, more regular shops at M&S. From 18 August, there will be 240 Remarksable lines in stores as M&S offers even better value across hundreds of grocery staples as part of its plan to be more relevant, more often to customers.

Every Remarksable product is price benchmarked against key competitors and upholds M&S’s quality point of difference, such as its longstanding Milk Pledge promise to pay dairy farmers a fair price, its DNA traceable British beef back to the farm and individual animal, and its Select Farms sourcing from farmers it knows and trusts.

M&S Food MD Stuart Machin said:

“We have spent the past 18 months continuously upgrading our quality and at the same time investing in price and now customers can see the result as 240 key staple items are the most competitively priced in recent history. We will never compromise on our quality but our strategy is to maintain our high sourcing standards whilst providing truly better value for customers and our early work is already starting to resonate."

From this week, Remarksable signage will be visible throughout stores, highlighting the quality and value of everyday grocery staples, alongside a television advertising campaign. Customers can also pick up M&S’s dedicated in-store magazine, “What’s Fresh at M&S” for Remarksable product information and behind the scenes supplier stories focusing on its quality and sourcing standards.

M&S’s resident chef Chris Baber will share monthly recipe inspiration in the retailer’s “Feed Your Family M&S Food” content series, which showcases meal ideas for a family of four. The series will feature in the “What’s Fresh at M&S” magazine and across its social channels and website. 

M&S is offering better value than ever before on everyday grocery staples. A typical family basket of 20 staple products at M&S—including super soft sliced wholemeal bread, responsibly sourced Scottish salmon fillets (pack of 2) and Select Farms white potatoes, costs £26.66 in August 2020 compared to £33.79 in August 2019, a £7.13 difference, as M&S continues investing in prices across hundreds of lines.

Sharry Cramond, M&S Food’s Marketing Director, said:

“We want both our existing customers and new customers to see that whilst we won’t compromise on our high quality standards, our remarksable campaign shows we can deliver great products at fantastic value."

For more information about Remarksable, please visit: