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Electronic Shareholder OverviewBack in 2007 M&S mailed 20,000 full Annual reports (102 page document) and 240,000 Annual reviews (45 page document) to shareholders. Since then, through changes in legislation and with the help of our shareholders, this distribution is now 3,000 copies of our Annual report and 10,000 copies of our Strategic Report. A huge saving, both environmentally and financially, but there is still more we can still do, which is why we encourage our shareholders to receive information electronically. 

A shareholder who opts to receive information electronically is much more informed. Throughout the year a number of trading updates for investors are released to the London Stock Exchange and added to our website. These are not mailed to shareholders. However, by providing us with their email address we are able to notify shareholders when these updates become available.

Registering for electronic communication is very straight forward and is done via Shareview, a secure internet based platform provided by Equiniti, our registrar. Simply click on the ‘Register Now’ tab in the menu to the left and follow the links for ‘Electronic Communication’.