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Our Blog

Discover more about the stories behind M&S, our products and our people. Our blog shares regular news and views from M&S experts and our partners.

Our Blog

Discover more about the stories behind M&S, our products and our people. Our blog shares regular news and views from M&S experts and our partners. read more

Plant Based Diets

13 July 2017


Firstly, what is plant based eating? Importantly, it’s not strictly a vegetarian diet. Plant based eating is most closely aligned with the Mediterranean diet. It consists of plenty of vegetables, fruit, wholegrains and pulses with small amounts of fish,...READ MORE

M&S and National Grid: a successful partnership for Demand Side Response

06 July 2017


As you would expect of a major high street retailer, M&S has hundreds of stores and many distribution centres and offices across the UK, all of which need a large amount of energy to operate and keep our business running. For example, it is key for...READ MORE

A year on from our first report, M&S is even more committed to standing up for Human Rights and helping to eradicate modern slavery

08 June 2017


Ten years ago, we launched Plan A with our commitment to be a socially useful business, one that puts far more back into society than it takes out. We have completed 296 individual commitments, substantially improved our social and environmental performance,...READ MORE

Adding Chilled Food To Our Food Surplus Scheme

17 May 2017


Since we launched our nationwide food distribution scheme last year, we’ve worked hard to connect all our Foodhalls and Food stores* to a local charity. This has enabled us to redistribute surplus food such as fruit, vegetables, bakery items, and grocery...READ MORE

Join the Gluten Freevolution

10 May 2017


‘Join the Gluten Freevolution’ is this year’s campaign headline for Coeliac UK’s annual Gluten Free Awareness Week which is set to increase gluten free choices on the go. With around only 1% of the UK diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, yet an estimated...READ MORE

Introducing Skin Kind - a stylish solution for allergy concerns

27 April 2017


Having first joined M&S almost 20 years ago, I believe we’re at our best when we listen and respond to our customers with innovative, first to market solutions. That’s exactly what we’ve done with the launch of Skin KindTM jewellery – setting a new...READ MORE


31 March 2017


This week we have faced calls to cut ties with one of our dairy farmers after pictures emerged of calves being held in individual pens, in breach of animal welfare standards. We hold our hands up. Keeping calves over eight weeks old in such pens is unacceptable....READ MORE

Join us in Making Earth Hour Matter

24 March 2017


Saturday 25th March will mark the 10th anniversary of WWF’s Earth Hour, the largest global demonstration of support for action on climate change. Every year since the inaugural Earth Hour event in Sydney in 2007, millions of people across the world have...READ MORE

Cutting Back on Salt

22 March 2017


Th is week is the 17 th Annual Salt Awareness Week organised by Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH).  Since CASH first started Salt Awareness Week 17 there has been significant progress in salt reduction in food and in the diet of the UK...READ MORE

Our pitch to make innovation the ‘new normal’

21 March 2017


What would it take to make innovation commonplace? Such an idea seems almost a contradiction in terms, since, by definition, innovation suggests change and a break with the norm. However, the need for fresh thinking represents a constant for any sector...READ MORE

Now there is even more reason for business to stand up for Human rights

20 March 2017


The first Corporate Human Rights Benchmark  launched this week, benchmarking the Human Rights performance of 98 of the world’s biggest businesses in Apparel, Agriculture and ICT. It originated from Investor and civil societies’ wish to answer a...READ MORE

Is a Gluten Free diet unhealthy?

14 March 2017


Gluten free diets have come under scrutiny again today following the presentation of a new research from America.  The researchers have suggested a diet lower in gluten may increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.   The Harvard University...READ MORE

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