Reducing calories in our indulgent categories

22 May 2018


M&S has had a dedicated health strategy in place for over ten years focused on supporting our customers to make healthier product and dietary choices. We are continuing to deliver the strategy through innovative healthy food ranges (e.g. Balanced for...READ MORE

Let’s Mush with M&S

16 May 2018


@mushmums Three years ago, Sarah and I met in a rainy playground, we were both getting to grips with having the infamous “two under two.” I was close to tears having just moved back from New York, my second move with the little ones, and Sarah was mateless...READ MORE

134 years of history, 70,000 historic objects, 1 nationally accredited retail archive

01 May 2018


M&S has been at the forefront of retail for over 130 years and our job at the Archive is to preserve the history of the brand and tell the M&S story to inspire both loyal customers and future generations to come. And, we’ve just been recognised by The...READ MORE

Acting on Plastic

26 April 2018


When we launched Plan A in 2007 we put waste reduction at the heart of our sustainability work. In 2008 we led the way in voluntarily charging for plastic carrier bags in our Foodhalls, something that’s become the legal norm across the UK. By 2012 we...READ MORE

When it comes to beef – British is best

25 April 2018


It’s Great British Beef Week, a campaign run by Ladies in Beef and as a ‘lady in beef’ I’m very proud to champion British beef. Every single piece of beef I buy for M&S is British and there’s a very good reason for that. We...READ MORE

This year Fashion Targets Breast Cancer and M&S are making a statement against breast cancer. This is the call for our campaign

12 April 2018


We debuted in the 90s and have had breast cancer in our sight since then. Every year we work with some of the biggest names in British fashion retail, and our collections help to make life-saving research happen. Since 1996, Fashion Targets Breast Cancer...READ MORE

M&S develops ‘ideal’ day in the life of retail employees

11 April 2018


Marks & Spencer has developed the ‘ideal’ working environment for all colleagues, which helps to promote greater health and wellbeing. The best conditions, according to our recent research reviewing the impact of the physical working environment...READ MORE

Industry Roundtable On Soy – Working Together To Protect Vulnerable Landscapes

19 March 2018


Some of you may remember my blog last year that described the steps being taken by M&S and industry partners to halt deforestation in the Cerrado biome in Brazil.  At that time 23 Companies signed a Statement of Support (SoS) for the Cerrado Manifesto,...READ MORE

Using Systems Thinking to make sense of complex real-world sustainability challenges

14 March 2018


Last year we rebooted Plan A with the launch of Plan A 2025. It’s our plan for getting us into shape for the future – a future where we continue to meet the evolving needs of our customers’ in a way that also has a positive impact on wellbeing, communities...READ MORE


08 March 2018


Anyone who’s ever worked in retail will tell you, being a store manager, you deal with all sorts of challenges – good and bad. And one of my most difficult days running the Ilford store was last summer, when I got the call from our Paddington office about...READ MORE

Health impact of processed foods – good or bad?

05 March 2018


Processed foods have recently hit the headlines with links to health concerns and diet quality, but are the reports right , and what exactly IS a processed food?... Definitions of processed foods vary significantly; some are highly sophisticated (eg...READ MORE

The Revolution Continues – Caring Through Clothing

01 March 2018


People have long cared about where their clothes from, but it’s undeniable that Rana Plaza five years ago changed things. M&S and our suppliers had no involvement in those tragic events, but it was an event that rightly demanded the retail industry to...READ MORE