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Polyester is a synthetic fibre originally derived from crude oil. It is one of the most used synthetic fibre in the world – and with more than half of the world’s garments now made with synthetic fibres, it is an important material in the fashion industry. Polyester is so popular as a material due to its versatility and durability – however, like other synthetic materials we know using polyester in our clothes provides challenges to our environment. At M&S, we want to play our part in building a sustainable future in fashionwhich is why we’re doing our bit to convert our polyester to more sustainable options. 


At M&S, we are committed to converting to only using recycled polyester by 2025 as part of our wider raw material targets. 

Recycled Synthetic Fibres

Our sourcing of recycled synthetic fibres is based on strong criteria, as set out in our M&S Recycled Materials Sourcing Policy 

Main criteria: 

  • Recycled content must be used in lieu of virgin material. We do not accept the conversion of natural fibres to recycled synthetic ones in our products.  
  • The source of the waste and its subsequent processing route must be identified and certified before approval. Currently M&S recognises GRS and RCS standards for recycled fibres.  
  • All products made from recycled material must comply with the Marks & Spencer standards for quality, safety, chemical compliance, and relevant legislation. 

We are constantly working with our suppliers to reach 100% recycled polyester – we are making consistent progress, with around a third of our polyester currently being made from recycled content.