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Environmental risks, social inequality and the need to provide healthy food in an increasingly complicated and unpredictable world will continue to be a challenge. The size and complexity of these issues mean they cannot be addressed by any one solution or any one organisation. We need concerted, collaborative effort involving scientists, businesses, investors, governments, NGOs and consumers to tackle the world’s most pressing issues. In comparison to many others in our industry, we are not a big buyer of many of the products we sell. And we don’t always have the buying power on our own to make the changes we’d like to see. 

Partnership has always been at the heart of how we do business. This is because we know we need and contribute to outside knowledge and expertise to help us achieve shared objectives and mutually beneficial economic, social and environmental outcomes.

Commitments and targets
Our ambition is to accelerate change by leading with others. We’re committed to working collaboratively with suppliers, civil society, the science community, governments, customers and other businesses. 

In addition to M&S corporate participation in collaborations, the following table summarises our key collaborations and memberships of relevance to our Clothing & Home business. We outline the main reasons why we’re involved with each of these organisations.

Organisation Type Member Since StatusWhy we're involved 
Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC)Industry Association 2015 Participating company To drive measurable improvement in sustainability performance in apparel 
Sustainable Clothing Action Programme (WRAP)Industry Association 2007 Founding member, participating company, and member of the Steering Group and Technical Working Group To improve the sustainability of clothing across its lifecycle 
Textiles 2030
Industry Voluntary Agreement2021Signatory memberTo collaborate with signatories on carbon, water and circular textile targets and contribute to national policy discussions to shape Extended Producer Responsibility and other regulatory developments
Circular Fashion Partnership - Global Fashion AgendaIndustry Association2021Participating companyA new initiative to capture and reuse textile waste in Bangladesh by bringing major brands, manufacturers and recyclers together to find successful circular processes to reduce textile waste and distribute value throughout the value cycle - generating economic benefits in Bangladesh by accelerating the fibre recycling market
Textile ExchangeNon-Profit Organisation 2004 Participating company To promote sustainable practices in the textile value chain 
British Retail ConsortiumIndustry Association 1992 (and prior to this the British Retailers Association) Participating company, member of the Policy Board and represented on several Working Groups including Environment and Responsible Sourcing To help drive and shape the retail agenda whilst making sure our own business priorities are represented 
Forum for the Future

Non-Profit Organisation
Pioneer Partner and participating company

To promote and accelerate sustainable business practice
Ethical Trading InitiativeMulti-Stakeholder Initiative 1999Participating company and have been a member of the Board To drive continuous improvement of working conditions in global supply chains  
Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex)Non-Profit Organisation 2004 Founding member, participating company, and former member of the Board To drive continuous improvement of working and environmental conditions in global supply chains 
Accord on Fire and Building Safety in BangladeshMulti-Stakeholder Initiative 2013 Participating company To support the implementation of health and safety measures to help ensure a safe and sustainable ready made garment industry in Bangladesh 
ILO Better WorkTripartite Organisation 2007 Partner company – Cambodia, Vietnam, BangladeshTo improve worker-management cooperation, working conditions and social dialogue in global garment and footwear supply chains 
Non-Profit Organisation 2008 
Participating company and participant in HERproject including HERhealth in Vietnam and Kenya; HERrespect in India; and
HERfinance in Bangladesh

To empower low-income women working in global supply chains through workplace programmes promoting health and financial inclusion
Fast ForwardIndustry Association 2016 Founding member and participating company To tackle exploitation and mistreatment of workers in UK supply chains with a focus on identifying risks of modern slavery 
Institute of Human Rights and Business Responsible Recruitment Leadership GroupMulti-Stakeholder Initiative 2016 Participating company To drive positive change in the way that migrant workers are recruited 
CanopyNon-Profit Organisation 2014 Member of Leaders Working Group in the Fashion and Textile Leaders for Forest Conservation Working Group’s ‘Fashion Loved by Forest’ initiative To improve the sourcing of wood-based fabrics 
Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Multi-Stakeholder Initiative 2006 Participating company and member of the Board To improve global standards for sustainable palm oil 
Leather Working Group (LWG)Industry Association 2005 Founding member, and participating company To improve environmental conditions in the global leather supply chain 
Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)Multi-Stakeholder Initiative 2009 Pioneer member, and participating company To promote more sustainable cultivation of cotton globall 
Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC)
Industry Association
Participating company
To reduce the impact of harmful substances associated with clothing and textiles
On Pack Recycling Label
Non-Profit Organisation
Founding member, participating company and member of the Board
To promote simple, consistent and UK-wide recycling messaging on packaging
The Microfibre ConsortiumMulti-Stakeholder Initiative2018Participating company and member of the boardTo align on the emerging need for a better understanding of fibre fragmentation in regard to pollution
Sustainable Fibre AllianceMulti-Stakeholder Initiative2018Participating companyTo promote the adoption of more responsible practices in the cashmere supply chain