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Why is M&S doing this now?

In 2016 we invited a number of shareholders to M&S’s Head Office for our very first Shareholder Panel, providing a platform for them to offer their views on the issues that are of most concern to them as investors, and to hear about how the Company is addressing these directly from members of the senior management team. This was hugely successful, and very well received by those who attended, and it was therefore decided to introduce a regular event and for which all registered shareholders can apply to attend.

Can I apply to join the panel by phone?
Applications to join the panel can only be submitted online.

Who has been sent the invitation to register?
All registered Marks & Spencer shareholders and those whose shares are held in the Marks & Spencer Share Service.

There is no set minimum shareholding that you need to satisfy in order to have been sent the invitation.

I was selected for the Panel but am unable to attend a particular meeting – what should I do?

If you are a member of the Shareholder Panel and unable to attend a particular meeting during the year, please notify M&S as soon as possible by responding to the email you received inviting you to the event. This will not affect your membership of the Panel and you will continue to receive invitations to Panel meetings until its membership is again refreshed for the following year.

Is any assistance available for travel and/or accommodation costs for those selected to join the Shareholder Panel in a given year?

Reasonable travel and accommodation costs incurred by panel members will be reimbursed by M&S and assistance with arranging accommodation may be available prior to each meeting. Please submit any queries regarding travel and accommodation to M&S by replying directly to the email you will receive inviting you to attend the next meeting of the Shareholder Panel.

How long does membership of the Panel last?

Membership of the Shareholder Panel lasts for one financial year, from April to the following March, following which applications for membership are re-opened and a new group of shareholders is selected. 

What will the data I provide be used for?

Your data will be used for the purposes of contacting you by email should you be selected to attend the shareholder panel.

Additionally, the registration website asks if you would like your email address to be retained for the purposes of notifying you of future shareholder panels and/or any other shareholder engagement programmes. You will only be contacted about these if you indicate your consent by answering ‘yes’ to the relevant question on the site.

For more information, please refer to the terms and conditions on the reverse of the flyer enclosed with your dividend documentation, and those available via the registration website.

What if I change my mind after registering?
If you have submitted an application online but later decide that you no longer want to be considered, you can opt out by emailing
What is the M&S Shareholder Panel?

At the AGM in 2016, the then Chairman, Robert Swannell, announced that M&S would be introducing a shareholder panel aimed at private investors.  The panel comprises a selection of private investors who are invited to M&S’s Head Office a couple of times each year to spend time with members of the senior management team and discuss a range of issues that are relevant to the business and to them as investors.  It also provides M&S with an opportunity to update panel members on our progress against our plans, and to obtain their feedback.

Details on how to apply to join the panel were included in the January mailing, alongside your dividend documentation and shareholder vouchers.

The closing date for applications is 2 March 2019.

How to I register interest in the panel?

You can register your interest in attending the panel by going to

and entering your details, including your name, shareholder reference number, and email address, by Saturday 2 March 2019. 

When do applications close?

The closing date for applications is 2 March 2019.

How are attendees selected?

Panel members are selected at random each year to ensure fairness. The selection for 2019/20’s panel will take place following closure of the registration period on 2 March. Successful applicants will be notified by email and provided with further details regarding the arrangements for the panel shortly afterwards.