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What are the requirements I need to pass to become an approved supplier?

There are a number of requirements that suppliers will be expected to comply with during their relationship with M&S Food, however, we are open to meeting with suppliers at all stages of their journey. If you are successful in gaining an audience with the M&S team we will share these requirements with you and discuss the plan for closing any gaps we would need to close together.

Is this only open to individuals and small businesses?

We are open to discussing opportunities with individuals and small businesses. As a we are a large, high volume retail business, we will need to be able to determine how a product will be manufactured and distributed so all individuals and small businesses will need to have a plan for this as a part of their submission.

Why is M&S expanding its suppliers?

Innovation is a key part of what makes M&S unique. We have many examples of where we have helped grow small businesses into key players in our supply base through exciting new propositions and fantastic product quality. The launch of this portal should make it even easier for us to build relationships with future pioneers who could play a valuable part in our key strategic aim of protecting the magic of M&S.

What happens next if chosen to become an M&S supplier?

If you are successful through all submission stages, you will be fully handed over to the Category team. They will discuss product launch dates with you and guide you through the supplier onboarding process. Launch dates will depend on available range windows and could be up to 12 months after your original submission.

Is M&S accepting brands as suppliers?

Our key strategic focus at M&S Food is our M&S Food brand. Although we do consider some branded products as a part of our range, we will always prioritise M&S Food own brand products as these help to drive our unique product proposition that we are famous for.

Is this only available for Food suppliers or can drinks suppliers also use the portal?

All food & drink suppliers are welcome to submit through the portal.

How long is the process if accepted?

The length of the process can vary dependent on where you are in your product journey and what gaps have been identified through our technical requirement discussions. As we have strict range windows throughout the year these will also dictate when a product would launch in store.

Does M&S have any exclusivity requirements to become a supplier?

We continually focus on driving a unique proposition for M&S, ensuring we are continually creating reasons for customers to cross the road and come to our stores. We would, therefore, prefer exclusivity agreements to accompany new products but are open to discussing this as a part of the setup process.

If successful how long is the supplier contract with M&S?

The length of time for the contract of supply will be wholly dependent on the conversations with the category teams. We are aware that some suppliers will need longer terms to support raw material requirements or to unlock investment. If successful through the submission process, we would encourage you to be up front with the category teams on any length of time requirements you may have. The teams will also agree performance targets with you that may also affect the length of time you supply into M&S.

Will the products be in every M&S Foodhall eventually?

The distribution of your products across our store base will be dependent on anticipated performance and available space. The breadth of distribution will be discussed with the category team if you are successful through the submission.