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Environmental risks and social inequality are making the world more complicated and unpredictable. Plan A helps us to respond to a changing world and increase the positive impact we have on the environment, our customers’ lives, and our local communities.

The size and complexity of most sustainability and societal issues mean they cannot be addressed by any one solution or any one organisation. It’s not enough for a few businesses to lead. We need concerted, collaborative effort involving businesses, investors, governments, NGOs and consumers to tackle the world’s most pressing issues by sparking fundamental shifts in mindset and behaviour. This is why we’re delivering Plan A together with many likeminded partners.

Commitments and targets
We have an aspiration to be a leading major retailer on sustainability, but we can only achieve this if we spark systemic, innovative change by engaging policymakers, investors, consumers and other businesses. This means leading with others. A number of specific Plan A commitments reflect our intent to achieve this, including those that address human rights, climate change, deforestation, employability, product-related sustainability issues, circular economy, health and wellbeing, and global communities. 

We’re focused on six areas that we believe are most crucial to delivering our ambitions: 
  • Demonstrating the business case for a progressive, responsible approach to business
  • Joining global efforts to reduce greenhouse gases and move to a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy
  • Ensuring that the key commodities we use to make our products don’t contribute to deforestation
  • Improving the sustainability of consumer products and championing one global approach to this issue
  • Accelerating the transition to a sustainable circular economy
  • Enhancing the lives of people and communities
To achieve change at a global scale and rapid pace, we need to think beyond the capabilities of our business and supply chains, by focusing on: 

Working with others
Listening, learning, responding and working in partnership is an important part of how we do business. 

It’s an approach that delivers tangible results. To mention just a few examples, through the Consumer Goods Forum and World Economic Forum, we’ve actively supported global progress on deforestation, refrigeration, the circular economy, youth unemployment and sustainable consumption. We’ve worked with the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) to reduce waste. And now, through our collaboration with the Aldersgate Group we called on governments to take bold action at the Paris climate conference (COP21) in December 2015.

You’ll find many more examples of our collaborative approach on this website.