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M&S is a business that seeks to do things in a responsible way. Our values – acting with integrity, innovating, inspiring and being in-touch – are part of our everyday working life. We therefore always take a responsible approach and apply the highest standards when it comes to selling and marketing our products. Our advertising and communications are designed to inspire and inform our customers and our commitment is to always do this in a way that is fair, considerate, informative, inclusive and transparent. We have a daily dialogue with our customers and value their input and feedback. Every day our marketing team ensures that our customers are at the heart of everything we do. 

Our approach includes, but is not limited to, the following principles – 

  • As an absolute minimum, all our marketing, advertising and promotions must comply with the relevant laws, regulations and self-regulatory codes;
  • We will never mislead our customers; 

  • We will always be fair and transparent when labelling and promoting our products, enabling our customers to make informed choices;

  • We always take a responsible and inclusive approach to casting models;

  • We always take a responsible approach when marketing children’s products, for example we are signatories to the BRC Childrenswear Guidelines;

  • We take promoting responsible drinking very seriously, for example we are signatories to Drink Aware; 

  • We take promoting healthy eating and a balanced diet very seriously – for example we were the first to introduce the traffic light labelling system and our Eat Well sunflower logo is displayed on over 1,200 products;

  • We will never take part in any unsolicited marketing activities and will always alert customers if we are made aware of unsolicited marketing that uses the M&S brand without authorisation

  • We will never knowingly advertise in media or on websites that contain extremist views or explicit content

  • Our approach to cyber security always puts the customer first and we use the latest technology and advanced security systems to protect the data we hold.