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M&S stores up and down the UK are involved in a whole host of community events – from Frazzled Cafes, to post-surgery bra fits and community litter picks. But this Mother’s Day, we’re shining a light on our store teams’ work with MUSH. MUSH was set up by two mums, Katie and Sarah, who struck up a conversation on a playground one rainy day and became friends. Together they created the app to ensure other mums who are also in the same boat have the chance to make friends nearby (read more on their story here). 

M&S Cafés across the UK started hosting MUSH meet ups last year and 500 mums have already taken part, including Carol… 

Carol’s story 

Mum of two Carol relocated to Norwich from London with her family to get a better work-life balance last year. Carol began attending MUSH meetups at M&S Norwich in September 2018, so she could get to know local people after leaving her entire network of friends and family behind.

Since attending the meetups, Carol has made lots of good friends that she now sees on a regular basis who have helped her explore Norwich and filled her with confidence that moving was the best thing to do for her family. 

Carol said: “I was quite nervous about moving last year but the MUSH meetups at M&S Norwich have really helped me to settle in. I always have such fun when meeting the other parents, especially when discussing the realities and mishaps that come with having children! Norwich is an amazing city, perfect for families and it has been so refreshing getting to meet lots of new people here.

“For anyone interested in joining the MUSH meetups at M&S Norwich, I would encourage you to do so as not only do you get a free cuppa, but you also have the chance to chat to other lovely and supportive parents and make lifelong friends!”

MUSH meets up are part of M&S’s Community Transformation programme – read more here.