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In 2012 we achieved our target of sending no waste to landfill from our stores, offices and warehouses in the UK and Republic of Ireland*.

To do this, we first set about reducing our amount of waste. Key to this was offering food near its shelf life to customers at a discount. Together with a number of other initiatives, this helped us to reduce our waste by over 30%.

M&S stores generate relatively little amounts of waste, but to make sure that what they do produce can be recycled, we had to consolidate all the different materials together in our warehouses using returning delivery trucks.

We also train our store staff on the best way to sort and recycle the different materials that are collected for recycling at our warehouse.


As well as making sure our waste didn’t go to landfill, we also made sure different types of materials went to the most appropriate type of reuse or recycling. 

Around 90% of the remaining food also waste went to anaerobic digestion, which uses natural decomposition to generate energy. For example, we donated safe quantities of usable food waste to charities such as FareShare. 

During 2012, we also reused or recycled 100% of the waste from construction used for building or re-fitting M&S stores.

*Excludes M&S BP Connect stores, M&S Railway stores, service stations, airports and hospitals.