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The world of sustainability is complex, ever changing and requires a huge amount of innovation in order to deal with the social and environmental impacts that we all face.

When we launched Plan A in 2007, we said right from the start that we (M&S) didn’t have all the answers. We knew that we would have to work with colleagues, our supply chain, NGOs, other businesses and quite frankly, anyone else that could help us on our journey.

So we put in place a range of plans - for example, we:

1)  Developed a dedicated Plan A Supplier Exchange website.
2)  Hosted regular conferences and working groups with our suppliers
3)  Created a range of partnerships with NGOs
4)  Joined a significant number of industry and cross-sector working groups
5)  Set up an external Plan A Advisory Board
6)  Attended regular conferences 

These examples have helped us to stay informed, engaged and inspired.  
Along the way, we’ve found all sorts of other tools to help us on our journey – including, surprisingly, Twitter.

Back in 2007, I suspect most people had never heard of Twitter – I certainly hadn’t!  In fact, my first tweet was in 2011.  In truth, at the start, I was unconvinced that it added any value.  However, over time, I learnt that if I followed the right people, it could give me great insight to sustainability news and innovations right around the world – importantly, in a succinct and easily accessible way.

It’s also become a great way to share news from M&S and to seek feedback on new ideas.  I’m not alone, many of my Plan A colleagues are on Twitter and feel the same.  

So here’s a summary of the people that we at M&S follow to keep us inspired.  If you’re on the list, thank you!!  And if you’re not on the list, sincere apologies, there are so many fantastic people on Twitter that we probably left you off by mistake - so please send me a tweet and I’ll add you on.

It would also be great to hear who else inspires you!





And of course the M&S team!

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