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Today is a really exciting day. The day that Jaeger (as part of the M&S Family) launches its first capsule collection after months of hard work. The 400 items in the range feel both contemporary and collectable: they bring to life the vision of effortless elegance we have for the brand – a brand that will truly create ‘tomorrow’s vintage’. 

My personal favourite is the iconic shift dress pictured – a recreation of a beautiful 60s classic. I might be the MD, overseeing the end-to-end delivery of Jaeger, but I’m a designer at heart and it’s working to create products like that dress which gets me up in the morning. 

I’m proud to have played a part in designing some of the items in this first collection. 

Joining the M&S Family and taking on this challenge has been one of the highlights of my career in an industry I am so passionate about. I know Jaeger has been bumped around for the last decade and, as a leader, it’s my role is to create the new vision for the brand. A vision that feels true to the heyday of Jaeger but relevant to today’s customer and, most importantly, a vision that Team Jaeger can get behind and work together to deliver. 

We believe in trusting our gut instinct, in beautiful design and exciting entrepreneurship, but all of these must go hand-in-hand with understanding our data. It’s a mix of science and art. Brillant, talented people are the key to delivering that vision and I’m extremely proud of the team we’ve built. 

As Team Jaeger, we know that we are just at the start, and with this first capsule collection we know we are going to learn. We’re so excited to hear feedback to keep improving the range . 

Importantly we’re acting as one hardworking and passionate team with some incredible partners including Spring Studios and Task PR. 

Today marks another step on the way to re-establishing Jaeger as the fabulous British brand it should be, backed by the leaders at M&S and ultimately the infrastructure of the UK’s biggest clothing brand. Jaeger is and will always be a sophisticated brand, but that doesn’t mean it has to take itself too seriously – and it certainly doesn’t mean the team have to. We have added some witty pieces to celebrate Jaeger’s confident personality. 

I believe life is about giving and despite the demands job of this job (and the wonderful challenge it is) I’ve been continuing my chats as a befriender through Age UK, a scheme which combats loneliness in later life.

A few months ago, the person I connect with asked me to write a poem about Jaeger and so I’m going to end this blog on a little rhyme I wrote for them – because as the poem concludes – the sky's the limit and the future for Jaeger really is bright. Today is an exciting first step.