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Set in the heart of East London overlooking the Olympic Park, the three-level curved mall is linked by rail and tube to the UK and beyond. Highlights include the largest ever M&S Cafe with spectacular views of the Olympic Park. But that's not all, it was built using sustainable materials and it operates sustainably too. So what features makes this store so special?

Getting the basics right

We only used timber from responsible sources in the construction, which helps protect the world’s forests for the future. The tiles on the salesfloor are made from 40% recycled content and are also fully recyclable. Rather than using plasterboard on the walls, we used a 100% recycled material that’s also recyclable at the end of its life. Just one more way we reduced the store’s carbon footprint. And on top of that 100% of the construction waste produced during the build was recycled. 

We were proud to receive a Considerate Constructors Scheme* score of 35.5 out of 40, which is higher than the industry average, plus it was awarded an ‘excellent’ BREEAM** rating.


Running the store the right way

100% of our heating and 99% of our cooling comes from Westfield Stratford’s own power plant, which is much more efficient than using conventional supplies. We also installed displacement ventilation columns which bring in cool air from the outside and collects warm air as it rises, which means a reduced carbon impact and improved shopping environment for our customers. 

The foodhall uses a hydrocarbon refrigeration system which has reduced the environmental impact compared to standard refrigeration systems, and for lighting we’re energy efficient system along with using sun pipes.


Giving something back

We were proud to have helped fund a garden in Tower Hamlets, in partnership with Groundwork. Planned with the help of the local community, and designed especially for its young people, the garden acts as a living lesson on how we can all combat climate change. Reusing rainwater and growing food are just two of the initiatives.

* Considerate Constructors Scheme is a non profit-making, independent organisation founded by the industry to improve its image. Sites and companies that register with the Scheme are monitored against a Code of Considerate Practice. 

**BREEAM: the leading and most widely used environmental assessment method for buildings.