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“I was so excited to go and see Paddington 2. It made it all the more special as all of my friends from Youth Club came too! I sat next to my best friend Tory to watch it. My favourite part of the film was when Paddington turned the jail uniform pink. It made me laugh when the dad was supposed to press the silent button but he pressed the dark button instead. It was the best film ever!!” 

Sophie’s Rating - *****

Sophie, along with 500 other children across the UK, were treated to an extra special evening out to watch Paddington 2, the family film of the festive season, and the star of this year’s M&S Christmas campaign.
The exclusive screening was offered to the group of children of Merthyr TAG Youth Club as part of a wider commitment from M&S to Merthyr which will see the retailer trial a range of actions in the community to help tackle the issues that matter most locally, including unemployment, poverty, mental health and wellbeing. Announced earlier this year, the M&S Plan A initiative aims to support 1,000 UK communities by 2027, sharing successful initiatives and learnings from ten pilot locations across the UK, including; Merthyr, Birmingham, Liverpool, Rochdale, Glasgow, Middlesbrough, Newham, Derry Londonderry, Bradford and Norwich.