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We’ve been working hard with estate managers and the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust to further develop our industry leading responsible sourcing Code of Practice for game suppliers.

I’m pleased to say we’re making great progress.

We already make sure that the estates we source from, which are well-known to us and are across Northern England and the Scottish Borders, protect and enhance natural habitats for a bio-diverse landscape.

All comply with legislation, of course they do. But for us that’s a bare minimum. We insist that they operate to the industry’s Code of Good Shooting Practice and the Defra Codes of Practice for the Welfare of Game Birds ( But to go one step further, we’ve developed and are implementing our own responsible sourcing code for the industry that is truly transformational.

It needs to provide a high level of protection for habitats in need of conservation and ensure that the estates that comply with the code are recognised as adding value to rural communities.

We know our estates are already doing well in these areas and our suppliers are therefore playing a huge role in developing the code.

Red Grouse:

Last year we worked with independent industry experts and the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust to introduce the game industry’s first ‘Codes of Practice’ to ensure all our game, including grouse, is sourced to the highest standards of game rearing and moorland management, from estates that we know and trust

Unfortunately, due to poor spring weather conditions last year, our red grouse single estate had insufficient quantities to meet our customer demand, so we were unable to sell grouse

We are currently working with our supplier to monitor numbers for this year’s season 

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