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Bread, bananas and milk, what do they have in common? They are all in the top 10 most wasted foods in UK. Over 50% of the UK’s food waste occurs in the home, yet there are some simple things we can do to reduce this and make the most of the food we buy. This was the topic of conversation a few weeks ago with a group of students from the ACS School in Hillingdon when they visited our Harrow store. One activity the students undertook was to work in groups to identify some top wasted items in the home – they were pretty spot on!

The second activity involved deciding where a variety of kitchen staples should be stored – in the fridge, on the countertop or on a dark cupboard. The results were pretty good, but did identify some common misconceptions including that potatoes and onions should be kept in the dark, not the fridge and most fruits (except bananas and pineapple) should be stored in the fridge to give them more life. For more information and top tips visit
Michael Jones, Science Teacher & Head of Year 7 tells us about the experience;

"Students at ACS Hillingdon found the actions that M&S is doing to help out the local community fascinating. It was eye-opening for them to think about which foods they typically waste, and they now know what to look for when at the store to help reduce the amount of food that they waste at home. They also really enjoyed learning about how the company strives to help protect the environment, lower the impact of food waste in their stores, and also how they help in their local communities." 

The students also had the opportunity to hear about the work the store is doing to reduce food waste and had a tour backstage courtesy of Jon, the store manager. The story of food surplus redistribution was also highlighted sharing the work the store do with the local YMCA who collect unsold food every week.

For more information visit

Food infographic
Our M&S stores now support over 500 charities with regular food surplus donations from our UK business owned stores. Check out the video below

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