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At M&S we know how important it is to make our customer’s lives as easy as possible when it comes to shopping for school uniform, they need quality and innovation, at competitive prices – put simply they need great value for money. They also need a great experience, whether they’re shopping online or in-store. For many buying a uniform is a special moment, especially those milestone years, like the first year of ‘big’ school.

At M&S we’ve been selling school uniform for nearly 100 years, but we never stop striving to improve and an important part of that is listening to customer feedback. There’s been some debate recently on social media over uniform pricing and quality, so as the M&S Technologist for School Uniform I want to share some info on the quality of our products and what makes me so proud of it this Back to School season.

We believe the quality of all our schoolwear is the best on the High Street and we regularly benchmark against competitors so we can say that with confidence. It’s not just the initial look and feel (I could talk for hours about the level of detail in the stitching) but more crucially for mum and dad it’s about the long-term durability after repeat wash and wear. If you take our polos as an example an important test we do is ensuring they stand up to the 13 most common household stains, including grass and blackcurrant drinks. Our polos have over a 4* rating online. Nothing makes me prouder than when I hear polos are passed down to younger siblings – something we know our customers regularly do.

We’ve got many innovations we’re proud of – we include grow-proof cuffs and hems so you can unpick for an extra 3cms (we all know how quickly our kids can grow), SupercreaseTM in our trousers means crease lines stay in wash after wash, our blazers are ink resistant so leaky pens won’t ruin shirts. All our school shoes are either made of long-lasting, super comfortable leather or scuff resistant coated leather, meaning you can restore their appearance simply by a quick wipe and polish and all plimsoles and trainers are machine washable – because we know how muddy they can get in PE! Customers tell us how much they like our innovations – particularly easy iron shirts! And it’s not just the clothes – our lunch boxes are made with ThinsulateTM lining to keep food fresher for longer and our water bottles are BPA free meaning they’re made without any harmful chemicals. The list goes on and on.

At M&S we’re not just passionate about quality but passionate that clothes shouldn’t cost the earth. Whilst our customers don’t pay more because of it we want them to know that all our school essentials use responsibly sourced cotton, supporting farmers and the communities in which we operate. You can be confident an M&S uniform is made with integrity.

It’s not just me who’s passionate about the quality of our uniform, we have hundreds of kidswear advisers ready to serve customers, so if you want to hear more do pop into your local store and the team will be more than happy to chat you through the range and help you find the right products. Our school uniform might not be the lowest priced, but I can promise you they’re quality products for quality kids.