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We are delighted to have come back from our second year exhibiting at the Chelsea Flower Show with a Silver-Gilt medal! A year in the making, the theme of this year’s garden, inspired by our Plan A philosophy across flowers & plants, working in harmony with bees, bugs & butterflies to create a naturally balanced eco-system.

At the front of the garden we had 2 bright beds of lavender & sunflowers, representing the British countryside & the role these play in attracting bees & butterflies – we brought this to life with a live beehive on the stand which visitors really enjoyed seeing.

The back of the garden represented our greenhouse farming in Kenya, where many carnations & roses are grown – here we work with farmers to encourage insects, instead of chemical pesticides to reduce the greenhouse pests that can damage a crop – basically the good bugs eat the bad ones!

At the heart of the stand, we had an enormous centrepiece bouquet to bring it all together, stood on a giant ‘bug hotel’ to house insects – this formed the inspiration for our Chelsea bouquet on sale in store.

The border around the whole stand, represented the British field edge – this is where we work with farmers to create a natural habit for pollinators. This includes not only our flowers & plants growers, but also any farmer growing fruit or vegetables for Marks & Spencer, a commitment we’re really proud of.

We’ve given away thousands of seed packets for people to get involved at home & start planting too. Bees, bugs & butterflies are all good indicators of how healthy your local ecosystem is – so in July we’ll be teaming up with the Big Butterfly Count, by which time these flowers should be in full bloom!

The project has been a privilege to work on, with a lot of help from our Kenyan supplier Finlays & the garden designers Sallis Chandler. We’ve already got some great ideas for next year!

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