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Marks & Spencer is passionate about offering a wide range of delicious, nutritious and wholesome foods. We know that good food starts with good ingredients, and the best ingredients come from the best farmers. When it comes to livestock agriculture we care passionately about farm animal health and welfare and about the welfare of the livestock that are used in all our food products. This applies right across our business - from our fresh meat, poultry, dairy and farmed fish products to all the raw material proteins that are used as an ingredient in our prepared foods. 

That’s why we were delighted when we were recognised as one of only four food companies globally to achieve ‘top tier’ performance in the recent Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW).

Now in its fourth year, the benchmark provides an annual review of how 90 of the world’s leading food companies are managing and reporting their farm animal welfare policies.
The report is compiled with the help of Compassion in World Farming and World Animal Protection, and aims to drive improvements in animal welfare standards among food businesses. Companies are measured on their approach to managing farm animal welfare in three areas, including management commitment and policy, governance and policy implementation and leadership and innovation.

Our leading results demonstrate our long term commitment to animal welfare, with us getting full marks for our efforts to promote higher farm animal welfare to our customers, our investment in new projects to further improve animal welfare and our clear positioning on key welfare issues.

Of course, whilst we are delighted to get this recognition, we remain absolutely committed to continuing to drive industry-leading standards in animal welfare across our supply base and across the wider industry and we welcome the role that the BBFAW benchmark provides in being a catalyst for change across the whole food sector.

Steve McLean, Head of Agriculture & Fisheries

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