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At M&S, we are committed to reducing water consumption across all of our stores through the implementation of efficiency measures and a holistic approach to water us and landscaping.  The building of our new Cheshire Oaks store gave us a great opportunity to put into operation these efficiency measures from the very beginning of the project.  

Foremost amongst these measures is the harvesting of rainwater, which displaces a third of the store's main water demands.  An 80,000 litre underground tank that collects water from the roof of the store serves the green walls, staff and customer toilets.

Water 2

We also put a lot of thought into the drainage of surface water, which led us to install permeable paving in parking areas and to re-landscape an urban ditch into an attractive swale feature.  Added to which is planting of 228 trees that will help to minimise flash flooding by slowing down rainfall runoff and absorbing permeating ground water.  Or if you're more concerned about flash flushing, you'll be glad to know that we've also fitted waterless urinals, dual flush toilets and flow restrictors on taps! 


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