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We’ve been working hard on Plan A for nearly eight years now addressing many social and environmental issues. As part of our commitments to become the world’s most sustainable retailer by 2020 a number of iconic sustainable products have been developed throughout the business from carbon neutral bras to coats where the fabric has been made from recycled materials. 

Now we're really excited to have created our first sustainable footwear, Footglove Earth. 

Over the last 18 months we have been working with one of our key suppliers to develop the first sustainable footwear within the business. The first key attribute to achieving this was the supplier which adopted Plan A and has become one of our eco factories ensuring it is more environmentally water, waste and energy efficient. 

Footwear consists of a number of components that all vary considerably in composition and end use. We set about sourcing all the individual components worldwide through suppliers that had developed the component in a sustainable way or using recycled post consumer waste. In doing this we found some amazing developments, built some strong relationships with others who are on our path to sustainability and started to develop a capsule collection using the principles of Footglove technology, ultra comfortable, flexible and lightweight. 

So what is the range made from…..the soft, premium leather uppers are made in tanneries accredited to the independent Leather Working Group standards. The comfortable fabric lining comes from a yarn that uses ground coffee beans in its production. A waste material that has been found to have a new use for. The soles contain natural rubber and rice husks another waste material being put to good use and giving them a unique look. The comfortable padding is made from recycled foam and internal components are made using post consumer plastic bottles.  

If they weren’t great already we also thought about the adhesives and have used water based adhesives, ensuring no solvents or latex and meaning there is  less water and energy needed in production. What more could you want from your footwear … every element of these shoes has been made in a more sustainable way! And of course, because this is M&S, they're great quality, beautifully comfy, durable and look great. 

As our loyal customers know when it comes to sustainability, we always like to go the extra mile. We hope that consumers care as deeply as we do about eco-conscious products and confident they’re helping to make a difference to the environment when wearing our Footglove Earth shoes.  

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  • These shoes are now available to purchase on  M&

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