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Since 2010, Macmillan has been working with M&S to raise vital funds for Macmillan services in local communities across the UK. Within this time, M&S employees and customers have helped raise an incredible £2.8 million for people affected by cancer - a truly fantastic sum.

In September, M&S Café sponsor our flagship fundraising event, World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, through a range of activities. From donations linked to the sale M&S Cafe products, sales of exclusive Macmillan products to in-store fundraising, M&S put everything they can into making the event a success. It is great to see employees really getting involved in coffee morning activities alongside their busy daily schedules.
However, as M&S Café establishes itself as a central part to the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, it is clear to see that our partnership is built on much more than coffee and cake. 

The fantastic fundraising efforts of M&S employees have enabled Macmillan to fund professional posts in local communities across the country from Macmillan Lung Clinical Nurse Specialists to Macmillan Welfare Benefits Advisors. These posts have a daily, direct impact on people affected by cancer and their families and would not exist without the support from M&S. 


Katie Sutton, whose role is being financed by funds raised by M&S, works at the Macmillan Centre at the University College London Hospital and is currently looking at supported self-management for cancer survivors. Katie’s role is to implement a successful and steadfast method to give people affected by cancer the information and tools necessary to manage their conditions after cancer treatment. Her work aims to give patients the right support to take back control of their lives.

I had the pleasure of meeting Katie on a recent visit to the Macmillan Centre at UCLH to find out more about her role. 

Katie says:

"Recent evidence suggests that traditional patient follow up appointments are not always helpful and do not meet the needs of cancer patients. I am working on a programme that will give patients the support they need to take back control of their lives after cancer treatment. 

“To do this, we want to organise end-of-treatment clinics and health and wellbeing events that will provide patients with informal peer support and will include advice on diet, exercise and what to look out for in terms of recurrence. 

“This programme supports national aspirations to help cancer survivors lead healthy and fulfilling lives through a more personalised approach to care. My role is to put this aspiration into practice and, through funding my post, M&S are helping implement new and improved ways to help people cope with life after cancer."

I found it very inspiring to hear about Katie’s work and how the money raised by M&S is not only supporting frontline staff, such as Macmillan Nurses, but how it is also helping implement new programmes that will have a huge impact on the way people living with cancer are treated at UCLH and further afield.  

The support of M&S employees and customers during the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, and throughout the year, is indispensable. The money raised over the past five years has enabled Macmillan to reach even more people affected by cancer and has put us one step closer to ensuring that no one faces cancer alone. With other two million people living with cancer in the UK the support of our corporate partners is more vital than ever.