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When Paddington arrived in London he was alone and afraid. But the Browns took care of him and made him realise people loved him for who he was; even though he wasn’t like anyone else he still felt at home.  

The Childline service, provided by the NSPCC, helps thousands of children every day. Children who feel different; who feel that they don’t fit in.  Each with their own unique set of worries. 

That’s why Paddington has brought one of his favourite charities –  Childline – together with M&S, to bring a little light to children who desperately need it. Because Paddington loves spreading goodwill as much as he loves spreading marmalade. 

So he’s teamed up with M&S this Christmas to create a magical advert, all about the importance of spreading goodwill across the country.  There’s also a very special children’s book of the story of the ad, with all profits going to Childline. 

Parents and grandparents across the UK who buy the book for a child they love will do so in the knowledge that M&S will make a generous donation to help Childline answer another child this Christmas – it could be the moment that helps them turn their life around.   

A young person contacts Childline every 25 seconds. They talk about things like bullying, self-harm and depression. Problems they often feel they can’t speak to anyone else about. This chat with a counsellor could be the first step that helps get their life back on track.

Childline is there for children 24/7, 365 days a year – even Christmas Day! 

M&S hopes to sell 200,000 of these special storybooks, donating £2 from the sale of every £3 book to this vital service. This donation from M&S will fund Childline for the 12 days of Christmas, helping to answer around 100,000 calls from children desperately in need. 

Thank you M&S on behalf of the thousands of children you will help this Christmas, through the NSPCC