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At M&S we go the extra mile when it comes to sourcing standards and sustainability. As an own-label retailer, we know how our denim is made and where the beans for our Fairtrade coffee are grown.

Our trusted value promise means customers can be confident that great value M&S products are sourced with care for the planet and for the people who supply them too.

That promise matters more than ever now - value is at the front of our customer’s minds, as is the planet.

Our latest M&S Family Matters Index revealed around two in three (64%) UK families are concerned about how climate change will affect future generations. The majority (67%) also believe shops should provide clearer information about the origins and environmental impact of products.

Over the past year, we’ve all seen the impact of climate change first-hand in the UK, with widespread drought and fires dominating the headlines. Farmers and growers in our supply chain are already feeling the impact, especially those in more vulnerable countries.

So, it’s clear there’s more we need to do. At M&S we’ve been at the forefront of building a sustainable future since 2007, when we launched Plan A and last year, we set out the roadmap to becoming a net zero Scope 3 business across our entire supply chain and products by 2040.

We also want to take our customers on that journey with us too.

That’s why last September we brought back Look Behind the Label, encouraging our 30m customers to find out more about how their favourite products are made, who is making them – and the impact their purchasing choices can have.

We've had positive feedback from colleagues and customers asking for this information on an ongoing basis so we're now integrating into our regular communications with customers. 

Here are a few Look Behind the Label stories we’ll be sharing with customers:

More sustainable sourcing

Creating the denim we love uses lots of water and chemicals during manufacturing, dyeing and finishing. And as a leader in the women’s market -selling 5.2 million pairs of women's jeans last year, we play an important role by working with our supplier partners to improve denim production.

Elsewhere, 100% of cotton for our clothing is responsibly sourced, and always will be. We’ve also partnered with Better Cotton to empower farmers to be more efficient with water, care for soil health and respect biodiversity.

Helping farmers adapt to climate change 

M&S Food has been a proud supporter of Fairtrade initiatives for over 18 years – over 100 of our products are Fairtrade and we have a commitment to 100% Fairtrade coffee and tea.

Through that commitment, our coffee farmers earn the Fairtrade Premium – giving them the chance to invest in projects of their choice

Farmers like Nelson Antidio Melo Perez, part of the Anserma Fairtrade co-operative in Colombia, and his son Jhony Melo, are at the frontline of the climate emergency: “It worries me quite a lot, because I can remember that when I was a boy the climate was different in my region.” 

The co-operative has installed an Ecomill®, which reduces the amount of water used in the coffee pulping process, as well as raising awareness of proper disposal of waste water generated from the coffee-fermenting process – to prevent it from contaminating water sources- and planting new trees.

As a business that’s been around for over 130 years, we’re committed to looking after our planet for future generations to come. To do that, we’re committed to transforming how we make, move and sell our products – and sourcing with the planet in mind.

Find out more here.