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Three years ago, Sarah and I met in a rainy playground, we were both getting to grips with having the infamous “two under two.” I was close to tears having just moved back from New York, my second move with the little ones, and Sarah was mateless in Mortlake having had babies in quick succession. After she approached me and asked for my number with no preamble (she jokes it’s the only chat-up line she’s ever used) we became firm friends. We kept each other sane for the weeks, months and years that followed.

Our chance meeting was brilliant, and it happens to lots of mums and dads, but it doesn’t happen to everyone, and that got us thinking – why aren’t there better ways to find parents in the same boat? That’s where our Mush adventure began…  

Mush is a local social network site Sarah and I founded that connects mums locally around their kids ages and interests. We’re now the leading social app for new mums in the UK – we’ve helped create one million friendships.

I’m so excited that we’re now embarking on a new chapter on the Mush journey, this time with M&S. The plan is simple – M&S will host fortnightly Mush meet-ups in nine stores across the UK, these are the locations where they’re piloting innovative community projects (read more here).  Mums will be told through the app and arrive at the store over the course of the two hours to enjoy a coffee and chat. The first ones were held last week and we’ve already had some great feedback.

Sarah and I joke Mush is our baby, but we really are so proud of the business we’ve built - £3.25m has been raised in investment and we have 20 people working for the company – including 7 in London. Partnering with one of the UK’s biggest retailers is an exciting next step for a business we believe serves an important purpose. A staggering 90% of new mums admit to feeling lonely, we know Mush meet-ups reduce isolation among mothers and of course where better to meet for a coffee than M&S?

Read more on the Mush website