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Today, our M&S Plan A ambassador, Joanna Lumley brought some colour to a glum January by unveiling a rainbow made entirely out of fresh fruit and vegetables, for our campaign to get the nation to add more vibrancy into mealtimes. 

The giant rainbow – which can be viewed from now until 7pm Saturday 17th January – is made from over 1,000 pieces of fruit and vegetables. From mangos and red onions, to aubergines and even sweet potatoes, it includes 20 varieties of produce; each one of which has been individually sewn onto a fine wire and arranged to create an impressive hanging installation outside our store at our Westfield White City, London. 

The rainbow has been created alongside leading set designers and artists to support our ’Eat The Rainbow' campaign. We are calling for people to agree to a ‘Fruit & Veg Pledge’, in which they revive their five a day by trying new or unusual fruit and vegetables. This is a result of new research, which reveals a quarter of Brits (20%) are scared to deviate from produce they know, but one in three (29%) do want to be more adventurous with the fruit and vegetables they’re consuming.  

Showcasing a wide range of fresh produce, visitors to our installation can be inspired to try new things, as well as taste free samples of M&S fruit and vegetable juices, plus helpful tips on how to be more adventurous with their eating. 

Joanna Lumley, said: “Despite popular belief, eating healthily doesn’t have to mean eating less. Stocking up on healthy fruit and vegetables can leave you feeling full and your body packed full of all the good stuff. Eating healthily can be an absolute enjoyment when you start exploring new foods and flavours and, to combat January blues, there’s no better way to do this than adding some fruit and vegetable colour to your plate.  

“With a fifth (18%) of Brits wanting to add more colour into their diet, this beautiful rainbow installation is created from a wonderful array of fruit and vegetables, to show us exactly how we can be making mealtimes more vibrant. We are committed to helping the nation eat healthier and the ‘Fruit & Veg Pledge’ is one of first steps this year. I challenge you to try one new piece of fruit of veg this month. Go on.”  

The ‘Eat The Rainbow’ campaign is part of our Plan A commitment to healthy eating which includes the five principles:

· Make it delicious

· Eat more, not less

· Give yourself a boost

· Enjoy a little of what you fancy

· Eat well for life

If you need some inspiration on how to start eating healthy satisfying meals, download the free Cook with M&S app.

We believe healthy eating should be deliciously easy, to find out more about our latest ranges, visit our health website by clicking on the image below. 

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