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These days lots of us like to have a bottle of water to hand when we’re out and about, but it can be a hassle to carry something heavy around. Well, we’ve found a solution - a revolutionary new water bottle that can be filled and then folded away to 30% of its size, so it can fit easily into a pocket or handbag.

bottleCreated and manufactured in the UK, the collapsible bottle is the brainchild of Guy Jeremiah, an environmental consultant and serial entrepreneur, who originally presented the idea on the BBC’s Dragons Den back in 2010 (where it was dismissed by the Dragons, who didn’t think it would catch on!). Guy explains the thinking behind his invention: "It's designed to fit into a pocket or handbag so that like your keys or mobile, you can always have it with you."

M&S is the first major UK retailer to stock the recyclable, collapsible bottle and it will be available across 150 stores nationwide in our Food on the Move range from mid-June. As part of the launch, the bottle’s manufacturer Aquatina has set up the Find-a-Fountain campaign to map and promote free water sources around the world, which we'll be supporting – read more about it at