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I love heading up Kids’ Product Development Technology at M&S, a role that means I’m always working hard to create new everyday products for the wardrobes of our customers’ kids. And just because it’s everyday products, it doesn’t mean they can’t be a little bit remarkable – from non-iron school shirts, to swimsuits with UPF50+ Sun Smart technology, to our Easy Dressing range – adapted for children who need extra help for various reasons, such as having feeding tubes. 

The innovations my team have produced over the years can have a really meaningful impact on our customers’ lives – something we’ve seen with the Easy Dressing range, but sometimes they just make life that tiny bit easier for a busy mum or dad like our starter popper for baby sleepsuits, and sometimes they’re just a bit of fun like flashing lights or sound chips.

As someone who studied Textile Technology at Uni (De Montfort) innovations around the makeup of fabric are always the ones I get most excited about and this summer, I’m really proud of a new selection of products we’re adding to our Easy Dressing range that are a great example of fabric innovation – products I believe can have a meaningful impact – those with DreamSkin®. 

Without going too scientific, DreamSkin® uses innovative polymer technology that has been specially developed to soothe dry and sensitive skin. The construction is carefully considered using super soft seams and printed care instruction for sensitive skin. All products are made for comfort with responsibly sourced cotton and validated by the British Skin Foundation recognising M&S’s commitment to Skin Care.

We’ve introduced these products based on customer insight and feedback. Eighteen months ago, customer research showed us that a significant number of children suffer from eczema (1.7 million in the UK alone) and other skin related irritations and that customers are looking to M&S to help with this. After all, every parent wants to be able to put their child to bed in PJs that are reasonably priced, their kid likes the design of and that are soft & comfy for a good night’s sleep. 

The team headed by Lorna Maguire spent 18 months developing the 22-item product range across baby, nightwear and underwear. We received incredibly positive feedback from the DreamSkin® trials along with genuine and heartfelt thanks from the wearers and their parents. This feedback gave us the confidence to introduce the range, a few products went online at the beginning of summer and today marks the full launch of the collection. 

Developing products that can make a difference to kids’ lives is a privilege and also lots of fun. Over the coming months we’ll be gathering lots of feedback from our customers and colleagues and considering what else we can do in this exciting field of fabric innovation for our customers.