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The Finlays Flower Farm in Naivasha supply Marks and Spencer with top quality flowers in line with our Plan A commitments, thanks to an ethical and environmentally friendly approach to sustainable flower production. Fairtrade-accredited, Finlays don’t just invest in the wellbeing of their human workers!

A recent drought in the Naivasha area alerted the management at Finlays that donkeys were being abandoned and left to fend for themselves. With the cooperation of the KSPCA, the company arranged to let the donkeys graze on Kingfisher Farm before realising the potential these creatures held to earn their keep. With a trial flower trailer hitched to two of the donkeys, a successful partnership between Finlay’s and these donkeys began. The flowers experienced a gentler ride from the greenhouses to the pack house, preserving their quality and beauty, plus the donkeys enjoyed their work, reporting to their work stations each morning without herding!

As well as providing effective transport for the flowers of Finlays, the donkeys also produce another useful by-product which is invaluable to the scheme; their dung is ideal for use as compost along with the other organic waste on the farm, helping to accomplish high calibre blooms.

With new stables, 20 trained donkey handlers and a trainer, the donkeys of Finlays’ have become a fast part of the team. 12 trailers are now in action on Kingfisher Farm and 4 on Flamingo Farm, resulting in operation of a herd of 40 donkeys – and expanding! A breeding programme is also underway, with one foal joining the happy herd so far.

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Looking to the future, the farm hopes to phase out tractors entirely, helping the company to reduce carbon emissions while also saving money. A prime example of Plan A in action and a classic case of donkey work!

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