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We know that value is front of mind for every household this summer, so we’re taking action to deliver trusted value for our customers - offering great quality products at great prices.

At the heart of our trusted value promise is Remarksable Value, our range of over 100 everyday items that families buy week-in week-out. All items are the same M&S quality we’re famous for, delivered to the highest sourcing and animal welfare standards, but we’ve also invested in their price too, so customers can be confident they are getting incredible value for exceptional quality products they shop the most. Find out more about the range here

And we’re also locking prices on over 100 Remarksable products that our customers buy most often across the summer, from vitamin D enriched Super Soft White Medium Sliced Bread 800g (70p) to authentic spaghetti, crafted in the Italian Alps 500g (85p) and Select Farms Oranges 5 per pack (£1.50), for the Summer. 

That’s not all - we’ve teamed up with Michelin starred chef Tom Kerridge on a new Remarksable value meal planner to help customers enjoy delicious, quality meals at pocket-friendly prices. 

The planner, coming in at under £2 per person per meal, includes five easy-to-follow recipes for a family of four, including Tom’s never-fail mince using our DNA traceable M&S Select Farms 20% fat beef mince. All meal planner recipes are available here.

There’s also a lot more to our trusted value promise:

  • Dine In deals: Back in 2008, when value was similarly front of mind, we launched our famous Dine In offer. We know it can be expensive to eat out and our Dine In deals help customers enjoy restaurant quality food at home – we’ve sold over 200 million of the deals since. We’ve also launched a permanent always on Family Dine In (£15, serving 4), alongside our Gastro Dine In (£12, serving 2), Pizza Dine In (£12, serving 4) and Stir Fry Special (£7, serving 2).
  • Our great range of “Specials”: We’ve got great quality special offers right across the shopfloor. Our Fresh Market Specials have a rotating menu of great value seasonal produce such as our Select Farms Mandagold Tangerines, 85p. Our Flower Shop specials showcase the best British blooms for less, such as British Asters for £3 a bunch. While our Baker’s Specials offer high quality, fresh bread at great value.
  • Ways to Save with Sparks: Sparks helps customers to make the most of M&S, and our millions of Sparks food shoppers will be receiving new “Ways to Save with M&S” emails, providing plenty of great offers on their preferred products. 
  • Kids eat free offer: Due to unprecedented demand, we’re bringing back and extending our kids eat free summer offer until the 2nd September. Parents can get a free Kids’ Munch Menu breakfast (until 11am) or lunch (11am – close) when they spend £5 or more in a single transaction on food or drink for adults. We’re expecting to give away a fantastic half a million free kids meals by the end of the year. 

Each and every one of the products or offers I’ve talked about here are underpinned by our unrelenting focus on delivering the best quality food every single day. We know that’s the quality our customers expect, but we also know that everyone is feeling the pinch right now. That’s why we’ve invested over £100m in our trusted value promise over the past three years. It’s our way of doing our bit to make sure you and your family can enjoy great quality products everyday, right across the summer.