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Since its launch in 1999, the M&S Milk Pledge has been integral to protecting our farmers and providing them with a secure future and we’re delighted to celebrate 20 years of the promise this month! We’re passionate about quality and sustainable sourcing, and we know our customers are too, so we’ll always pay our farmers a transparent and market-leading price.  

Across the UK, we have 44 Select Farms delivering regionally sourced RSPCA Assured fresh milk into our stores – and each of these suppliers benefits from the M&S Milk Pledge. One of our dairy Select Farmers, Joanna Binnington, explained:  

“We’re hugely proud to be an M&S producer and have really benefitted from the partnership. We came to a crossroads about ten years ago where we were either going to have to stop milking or put a significant investment into the business. The fact that we have this very secure contract with M&S means we were confident we could make that investment for the next 20 years. We are extremely proud to be part of the pool.” 

You can hear more from the Farmers and team members that help uphold our Milk Pledge

You can read the full blog from me on The Grocer here -