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Just under a decade ago, my co-founders and I started to experiment with growing our own fresh produce. We had just moved to Berlin, bought a 1955 Airstream trailer, outfitted it with DIY growing shelves and started experimenting with indoor farming.

We grew all sorts of greens, lettuces, herbs and microgreens. The experience of having fresh basil, mint, lettuce and arugula and many other vegetables in the dead of winter, full of flavour and beauty was amazing. We never looked back.

Since launching the experiment that would mature into our company, infarm, we’ve installed our farms in hundreds of stores and distribution centers across Germany, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and now, for the first time, we’re expanding our business to the UK with Marks & Spencer.

Starting today, at Marks & Spencer’s Clapham Junction store in South West London, South London, you’ll be able to find fresh infarm herbs including Italian, Greek and Bordeaux Basil, fresh Mint, Curly Parsley and Mountain Coriander (just a few of the many varieties in our catalog). We’ll be in additional Marks & Spencer locations in London through the end of the year.

London — like Berlin — has been experiencing a revival of restaurants, Michelin-rated chefs and international cuisine which began around the time we started infarm in 2013.

We believe that whether you’re a top chef or just running by the grocer’s to put together a meal for your family after work, your food should not have traveled more than you have. It should be fresh and alive (with the roots still on), and bursting with nutrients when it reaches your plate.

Those of you who have already seen our modular farms, perhaps at an Intermarché in Paris, Edeka in Germany, Migros in Switzerland or Auchan in Luxembourg, may be curious about what to expect when you arrive at M&S.

What you can be sure of, is that the infarm herbs you find will be full of flavour and grown sustainably and with love, right in your neighbourhood.

This is the core of the infarm (r)evolution in food. Stop by M&S Clapham Junction store and taste our herbs for yourself. And feel free to experiment with them as you cook to upgrade your favourite dishes! Find out more about us at