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This week the Scientific Advisory Committee recommended that our Vitamin D intakes from the age of 1 year needs to be doubled to 10 micrograms per day.  This advice is following a review of the science showing the importance of vitamin D in protecting muscle and bone health. 

Our bodies make vitamin D through the skin’s exposure to sunlight, which is most people’s main source.  Research has shown that UK levels are particularly low in the winter as sunlight is limited or restricted as we spend little time outside.  In addition to this, there are actually limited sources of foods that contain vitamin D , therefore dietary sources or supplements are more important during these months to get the amounts of vitamin D that you need.  You may also need to increase your intake of vitamin D in the summer months if you don’t regularly go outdoors, avoid the sun or cover up when you are in the sun.

At M&S, we have been looking at ways to increase vitamin D in some of our foods to help customers increase their dietary sources for their families.  Last year we enriched all our bread and bread rolls with vitamin D and this will be extended to include all the bread in our sandwiches later in the year.  We also offer vitamin D enriched mushrooms; just like us mushrooms make vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, so ours are grown with an extra boost and just a few M&S Active Health Mushrooms in your stir fry will help increase your daily intake. We also have vitamin D in our Active Health yogurts, smoothies and shot drinks as well as our children’s yogurts.  We are continuing to look for other ways to help our customers increase levels of this important vitamin though their diet