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The results from our Big Beach and Waterway Clean-up 2015 are in! We had a great reception for this year’s Big Beach Clean-up and we cleaned the incredible length of 148km of UK beaches and waterways – our greatest total distance of beaches and waterways since the clean-up began in 2012!

More than 180,000 items of rubbish were removed during the clean-up and we worked with the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) and the Canal & River Trust to record the types and amounts of items that were found. This is really important as it helps us work with our partners to identify the main sources of litter, raising awareness and taking action to reduce the littering of these items.

Our 10 most common items found during the clean-up were: 

Top Ten Items

Some of our most unusual finds picked up this year included a dressing gown, a microwave, false teeth and several tens of shoes!

Other highlights from the results report include:

  • 40 tonnes of litter cleared
  • 145km of beach and 3km of waterways cleared 
  • 4,208 bags of rubbish filled
  • 182,270 items of litter removed
  • 6,000 volunteers took part
Of course, our Big Beach Clean-up would not have been possible were it not for our fantastic volunteers! This year we had 6,000 customers, employees and volunteers who descended on 42 inland waterways and 90 beaches to clear them of rubbish and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took part.

To find out more about the Big Beach Clean-up results, please see the report here