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The WWF is committed to protecting the planet and all its diverse people, animals and habitats. By working in partnership with them we are able to fulfil more of our Plan A obligations.

Marks & Spencer has joined forces with WWF to help achieve its ambitious five-year "Plan A" corporate responsibility programme. The partnership is addressing some of the most significant challenges that we face today - agriculture and the production of food and textiles is where our human ecological footprint is at its greatest. 

Marks & Spencer is working with WWF on environmental projects in its supply chain as it looks to substantially increase its sourcing of sustainable raw materials, with a particular focus on agriculture, marine and freshwater issues.

You can take action to reduce your individual carbon footprint too. Click here to view the M&S footprint calculator developed by WWF. In just five minutes you can measure your carbon emissions and receive tips on how to reduce them.

Click here to find out more about the work of WWF.