Raw Materials & Commodities

We always strive to do the right thing. We will lead our sector in sustainable consumption and production, offering our customers good value, high quality products and services.

More sustainable products
To help to improve the sustainability of  M&S products we’ve set a  target for all M&S products to have a social or environmental quality by 2020. To achieve this we're working with organisations including WRAP's Sustainable Clothing Action Programme and Product Sustainability Forum as well as the international The Sustainability Forum.

As well as reducing our own water consumption, we are also working in partnership with WWF and our suppliers on range of projects.

Download Good Water Stewardship PDF

Download WWF and M&S case study on cotton PDF

Wood products and forest risk commodities

In the autumn of 2014, we extended our activities on sustainable wood sourcing to include the wood-based fabrics used to make M&S clothing. This includes fabrics known as viscose, rayon and lyocell. Our 'protecting forests through fabric choices' commitment can be seen here.


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Protecting Forests

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Palm Oil

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