10 December 2018

By Published this week

Today is the 70th anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and I think it’s fair to say that major anniversaries like this prompt us to take stock. When this document, affirming the rights and freedoms of all people, was drafted in 1948, fewer...READ MORE

Gender, climate change and youth empowerment: Our collaborative programme sees success for Peruvian coffee growers

06 December 2018

By Published last week

This week, the COP 24 conference revealed the urgent action we need to take to protect our environment and find solutions to stop climate change. At M&S, we believe we can’t treat climate change in isolation to gain traction as it’s intrinsically linked...READ MORE

How partnering with M&S is helping Power to Change to get even closer to communities

20 November 2018

By Published 3 weeks ago

What do a laundrette, a childcare provider, a football club, a hydroponic growing operation, a bakery, a café and a heritage venue all have in common? They all took part in the Liverpool Community Business Challenge – a pioneering new partnership project...READ MORE

Keeping Forests Standing: The Beating Heart of a Sustainable Food System

16 November 2018

By Published last month

Forests are at the heart of today’s global environmental crises, biodiversity loss and climate change. Despite a decade of NGO campaigning, government investment and corporate certification pledges, deforestation remains stubbornly and unsustainably high....READ MORE

Too much plastic isn’t fantastic

15 November 2018

By Published last month

Globally, 320 million tonnes of plastic is produced annually, of which only 9% gets recycled and too much is leaching into the environment. We know action on plastics is very important to our customers and at M&S, we're doing everything we can to...READ MORE

Human Rights: We need more collaborative action to gain traction

14 November 2018

By Published last month

On Monday, M&S was ranked fourth in the 2018 Corporate Human Rights Benchmark (CHRB), which assesses how some of the world’s largest companies have performed in human rights. The results show that many businesses are still early in their journey to embed...READ MORE

Turning Retail Purple

12 November 2018

By Published last month

Here at M&S, we meet and serve customers from all parts of the world, all walks of life, and with all sorts of qualities which make them unique. Our aim is to make every moment special for each and every customer and provide them with the individual service...READ MORE

The Veterans Network: Supporting our armed forces

09 November 2018

By Published last month

When I left University after studying for a degree in Psychology I decided to pursue a career in the Army, after Officer training at Sandhurst and four years with the Welsh Guards I had no regrets. It wasn’t always easy – two tours of Afghanistan, and...READ MORE

Protecting our planet: M&S packaging trio named Team of the Year

02 November 2018

By Published last month

We've seen plastic waste dominate the headlines this year and at M&S, we're doing everything we can to reduce the amount of plastic we use. With 320 million tonnes of plastic produced each year globally, yet only 9% getting recycled, it's been predicted...READ MORE

A huge thanks to M&S for its invaluable support to Style for Soldiers

22 October 2018

By Published 2 months ago

I had been visiting the Military Medical Rehabilitation Hospital in London since 2008, when many casualties were returning from Afghanistan. I soon realised that what the service personnel feared the most was the trauma and uncertainty of finding a new...READ MORE

Putting people at the heart of our businesses

18 October 2018

By Published 2 months ago

Today on Anti-Slavery Day, I wanted to reflect on our latest International Human Rights conference, held yesterday in Istanbul. Refugees were a key topic of conversation, which is no surprise as Turkey hosts five million of the world’s 65 million refugees...READ MORE

M&S helps to tackle mental health in Derry~Londonderry through 10 Communities

11 September 2018

By Published 3 months ago

Earlier this year, I embarked on a journey called the 10 Communities programme  – a flagship commitment of Plan A 2025. Our aim is to trial a range of locally tailored actions across ten communities to help tackle the issues that matter the most...READ MORE