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Style Finder helps shoppers to seamlessly find wardrobe essentials on M&

  • Available on mobile devices, the technology enables customers to quickly find products with a photo
  • Customers can seamlessly search through thousands of M&S's womenswear and menswear products available online
  • As M&S transforms to become a digital-first retailer, over 75% of all its online traffic now comes from mobile devices

Marks & Spencer (M&S) has today launched Style Finder, a photo search feature on its mobile website, enabling customers to seamlessly discover a desired look with just a couple of taps.

Customers can upload an existing photo or take a new one of any outfit to reveal similar-looking products available at M&S, offering a quick and easy way to shop online. Whether customers are inspired by fashion finds on social media, an outfit in a magazine or a product in-store, the new feature helps them find what they’re looking for in less than 10 seconds.

For the initial roll-out, Style Finder is available across womenswear and menswear and customers can easily navigate and filter through thousands of stylish M&S products.

With 75% of all M&S's online visits coming from mobile and tablet devices, Style Finder offers a completely new and enhanced shopping experience for busy customers who seek wardrobe inspiration while on the go.

Jim Cruickshank, Head of Digital Product and UX at M&S, said: "We know our customers are busier than ever and are often most inspired when they're out and about. Style Finder helps customers instantly find what they're looking for, without the need to manually search and filter through our products.

"Enhancing the customer experience is central to our digital transformation journey. This is a brilliant example of how we're becoming more relevant, more often, to our customers who are increasingly shopping online and in particular using mobile devices."

M&S's Style Finder tool uses artificial intelligence to display results with the closest-match. Customers can add additional filters to help them find the perfect product based on personal preferences, such as size, price and colour.

The initiative is part of M&S’s digital-first strategy, which aims for a third of all Clothing & Home sales to be online by 2022.

The visual search technology has been developed with Syte and is available on M& using mobile devices.


For further information, please contact:

M&S Corporate Press Office

0208 718 1919