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M&S Food has a tasty treat for customers this autumn with the launch of the all new monthly film ‘What’s New at M&S Food’ featuring a host of Britain’s favourite stars captured on screen sampling M&S Food.

Amanda Holden, Rochelle Humes, Paddy McGuinness and Emma Willis are the secret ingredients in M&S Food’s biggest ever social media campaign that will showcase to customers the lengths the retailer goes to launch innovative new products every single month.

The four super-samplers will get together each month to devour a selection of the brand new mouth-watering products that M&S launches each year and choose their individual favourites.

A teaser video goes live today (Saturday 8th September) and the campaign kicks off in full tomorrow (Sunday 9th September) with the launch of the first film showing the celebrities tucking into M&S Food’s newly relaunched Italian collection – which was created by M&S chefs after months of intensive research across Italy. So authentic is the Parmesan Ravioli, McGuinness says “That should be illegal!” when he tastes the product.

Each month’s film will shine a spotlight on a different range, but always focus on the celebrities enjoying new M&S food products, in unscripted and intimate sessions.

Sharry Cramond, M&S Food Marketing Director said: “We know that our customers all have their firm M&S favourites, but they don’t always see just how many amazing new products our talented chefs develop and launch every month.

“What better way to highlight our innovation than getting some of the nation’s favourite celebrities together to taste them? Amanda, Rochelle, Paddy and Emma all genuinely love M&S food, so bringing them together with our in-house team is a real recipe for success. The sessions are unscripted, authentic, all-you-can-eat moments for the celebrities to enjoy great food and great company and the result is comedy magic.”

Commenting on being part of the M&S Tasting Kitchen the celebrities said:

 Amanda Holden:

“I’m always in M&S!  It’s not a lie… I visit all the branches near my house.  I don’t just go in there for treats; I do my full shop, because I’m rubbish at cooking, but I know that my kids and my family are still getting amazing food”.

Rochelle Humes:

“Everything made me say yes to working with M&S Food; it was the easiest ‘yes’ ever!  I shop there all the time, and I feel like I know what’s down every aisle anyway... so it just made sense!”

Paddy McGuinness:

“For me, if you’ve bought something from M&S, you instantly know it’s going to be good before you’ve even put it in your mouth.  And, it was that quality that drew me in: I knew it was all going to be tasty”.

Emma Willis:

“How could you say no to working with M&S Food?  Every day I think; “Oh, I just need to pop to M&S!’  So, it felt like I’d been putting a message out to the universe over the last 20 years, and the universe finally answered”.

The cutting-edge campaign includes M&S Food’s first ever use of Instagram TV (IGTV) and was made especially for this new content stream.  It’s the first time M&S Food has generated social-first video content, the content has not been edited for social in post-production, instead the brief was to produce amazing engaging video that would live only on social media platforms.   

The digital campaign will launch on M&S Instagram TV, YouTube and Facebook on Sunday at 9am and the first episode will run for the month of September.  The celebrities will also share the videos on their social platforms with a combined reach of over nine million people.  Customers will also see the campaign come alive in stores with Point of Sale ads highlighting the celebrities’ favourite new dishes and encouraging them to share their M&S favourite using the hashtag #MyMarksFave.

The campaign follows on from the successful launch of the My M&S Favourite campaign in May which has launched in more than 1,000 M&S stores and saw M&S employees engaging customers on their favourite M&S products, harnessing the power of personal recommendations. 

The next episode will launch on M&S Instagram and Facebook in the first week of October and will feature the latest new products for the month.


For further information, please contact:

Laura Davidson, M&S Press Office, 07967 209803

Daniel Himsworth, M&S Press Office, 07827 858655