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M&S has previously sent a selection of Spend and Save vouchers to our shareholders each year, as part of the January dividend mailing. 

However, we are undergoing a far-reaching transformation – and our ambition to become a digital first retailer is at the heart of how we are changing. This includes how we engage with our shareholders; ensuring that, as we change, we build long term shareholder relationships supported by accurate and informed communication. 

As part of our digital first plan, we have stopped the distribution of paper shareholder discounts and instead we will provide a unique discount code fully redeemable online for all shareholders signed up to Shareview by 5pm 24 February 2020.

Shareview is a secure internet based platform provided by Equiniti, our registrar, that allows you to manage your shares online and set up electronic shareholder communication. To register for Shareview, please click here.