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Note: the M&S shareholder voucher scheme is no longer in operation as of January 2020.

The M&S shareholder voucher scheme ran between 2004 and 2019. Under this scheme, M&S enclosed a selection of 'Spend and Save' with the interim dividend mailing sent to all registered shareholders each January. Nominee companies were also able to participate at their discretion. The scheme was discontinued with effect from January 2020. 

While the scheme was a relative success throughout its fifteen year run, there were numerous factors that ultimately resulted in the decision being taken to discontinue it, including ever increasing print and mail costs, declining voucher redemption rates and M&S's re-emphasis towards digital communication methods and away from paper mailings.

This change was communicated to all registered shareholders in the interim dividend mailing sent in January 2020. However, we were unfortunately unable to directly notify those with holdings in third party ‘nominee’ accounts as we do not have visibility to the beneficial owners’ names, addresses or any information about their shareholdings. This data is held by the relevant nominee company and is not accessible to M&S.