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Please note: The Equiniti Payment Plus Scheme is currently closed to new applicants. The below information is provided for shareholders who have already joined the Scheme.

The Equiniti Payment Plus Scheme (“the Scheme”) was developed by Equiniti in partnership with M&S and introduced in 2015. The Scheme offers our shareholders the opportunity to use some or all of their dividend payment to purchase credit on an ‘M&S Shareholder Card’ at a 10% discount.  This card can then be used for purchases in M&S's UK stores or online.  

After a successful trial period, the Scheme is now closed to new applicants. Shareholders who already hold a Shareholder Card under the Scheme will continue to receive their dividend payments in this way, unless they instruct otherwise. However, shareholders without a Shareholder Card do not currently have the option of joining the Scheme.

More information is available on Equiniti’s website, which you can access by clicking here.