Shareholder vouchers


When will the Shareholder Vouchers be sent?

The vouchers are mailed with the January dividend payment to shareholders on the register of members on the dividend record date.

Do you send vouchers overseas?

Yes, we do send them to overseas shareholders.

I live overseas. Where can I use my vouchers?

Shareholders living in countries served by our European website,, can use their vouchers on that website. Unfortunately, the vouchers cannot currently be redeemed in our European stores. Shareholders living outside Europe can use their vouchers online at, however are advised to consult the list of delivery destinations available on the website to ensure that we deliver to their desired location.

Can I use the vouchers for telephone orders?

No. The vouchers can only be used against purchases in store and online (see for a list of delivery destinations).

Can the validation period be extended?

As with all temporary offers, all of the systems put in place to support the shareholder vouchers are removed following the date of expiry. Once expired, the vouchers will no longer be recognised by either our online check-out or our in-store till systems. Although we recognise that some shareholders may not be able to take advantage of all the offers within the specified timeframes, we are not able to provide an alternative nor can we extend the validation period to suit shareholders' individual circumstances. This also applies if you receive the vouchers after an offer has expired.

Is there a cash or share alternative to the vouchers?

No. There is no cash or share alternative. The offer is to reward our shareholders as customers in our stores. This is not a capital return to shareholders.

Why have I not received my vouchers?

If you hold shares in Marks & Spencer and have not received your shareholder vouchers, please contact our shareholder helpline on 0345 609 0810. (Please note vouchers cannot be replaced outside of the validation period)

What are the Shareholder Vouchers?

The vouchers are sent annually to all shareholders whose names appear on the share register on the dividend record date. In 2018, the vouchers consisted of one 10% off voucher, one 'M&S Cafe' voucher and a selection of spend & save vouchers.  All were valid from 1 February to 31 July 2018.

I hold my shares in a nominee account and have not received any vouchers. Why is this?

Although we contact nominee companies annually to invite them to take part in the scheme, some choose not to participate and this may be the reason for you not receiving your vouchers. If you believe that your nominee company have not taken part in the scheme and would like to be sent a set of vouchers, please confirm your name, address and how you hold your shares with our Registrar on 0345 609 0810 (+44 121 415 7071 outside the UK). Vouchers will then be sent to you. (Please note vouchers cannot be replaced once the validation period has expired).