Episode 6 of the M&S Podcast: The rise of Vegan Living, Flexitarians and Vegan-Friendly Products


09 January 2019

With one in five M&S customer households cooking for a flexitarian/vegetarian and 60% of customers eating less red meat and adopting a flexitarian approach to eating, Rachel Silver is joined by Melanie Leyshon, Editor of the Healthy Food Guide, Claire Richardson, who has created the new M&S plant based food range, Plant Kitchen and Stephen Lawson, M&S’ footwear technologist and design engineer who has developed the retailer’s vegan-friendly footwear styles about the rise of vegan lifestyles and vegan-friendly products.


Presented by Rachel Silver

Researched by Charlotte Allport, Hazel Macrae and Kim Knight

Original music: “Blue” by Rose Betts (Vocalist) and Manon Dave (Producer)

Produced and edited by Kevin Fasusi