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Pip joined the Board on 10 July 2018. With strong experience of finance and transactions from a career at Ernst & Young, where she transformed and led the Global Corporate Finance business, Pip’s understanding of global businesses, M&A, corporate transactions, and as a Non-Executive Director, brings strong financial and analytical discipline and skills to our Board.

Pip was a member of EY's Global Executive team, the organisation's highest management body, acting as global leader of Corporate Finance, one of EY's four global businesses. During her time with EY, Pip played key roles in major transactions in the U.S. and Europe. Pip was also the founder of the Global Transaction Tax network and co-founded the U.K. Transaction Tax group. She has been a Non-Executive Director of Inmarsat since 2016 and is also a member of the Peterson Institute for International Economics Board of Directors, where she is chair of the Audit Committee.

Pip is a member of the Nomination Committee and the Audit Committee.