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Simply Food

Having built a series of sustainable learning stores over the past couple of years at Ecclesall Road, Stratford City and Cheshire Oaks we've learned valuable lessons about which features are the most successful. Now we're taking those lessons and applying them to four of our existing Simply Food stores – Slough Bath Road, Heswall, Oswestry and Epping.

These buildings vary in age and type, so adding sustainable features was a challenge! We delivered energy savings of up to 40% through introducing these new features which include: 

- 100% LED lighting on the sales floor, which not only reduces energy consumption, but allows us to focus light on the shelves so you can see our products and read labels more easily;

- Reusing waste heat from our refrigeration system – another energy saver that also keeps the food hall at a more constant temperature;

- Green living walls that help insulate the building and encourage biodiversity, as well as filtering pollution (and looking lovely);

- Harvesting rainwater to irrigate the living walls (and with an average of 133 rainy days a year in the UK, that's a lot of water to put to good use!).