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In Southern Kenya we are supporting small scale farmers in Kasigau Corridor to generate income from sustainable farming practices. By reducing their need to chop down trees for survival, we are helping improve the livelihood of local communities, as well as preserving the world’s natural forests to prevent climate change. 

Our support is helping set aside 5,000 acres of farm land and create a number of nurseries to grow citrus and jojoba trees, to meet farmers’ nutritional and fuel wood needs. By preventing the need for communities to destroy woodlands for survival, we’re also helping one of Conservation International’s Global Hotspots to protect endangered species such as the African elephant, cheetah, lion, African hunting dog and Grevy’s zebra. The project employs 80 rangers from local communities, who are stationed around the project area to discourage illegal firewood collection and protect the land, and wildlife. But the project’s involvement doesn’t stop there. Wildlife Works is creating job opportunities for local people, building classrooms for schools and providing bursaries to fund children through higher education - creating opportunities for future generations. 

In order to qualify for funding, the project monitors the growth of the trees to assess the amount of carbon dioxide they remove from the atmosphere. This pioneering programme is the first of its kind to gain a Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) validation – an internationally recognised benchmark for the quality of carbon reduction projects.

Although we’re making changes internally to ensure that we source wood from sustainable sources - such as the Forest Stewardship Council certified wood chips that we use as fuel to heat our Brooklands store in Surrey - climate change is a global issue. We’re proud to support Wildlife Works to help local communities preserve forests and wildlife in Kasigau, which in turn protects the climate for everyone.