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Bandirma and Tekirdag

Wind is clean, abundant and free; and when harnessed correctly, it is a resource which can be used to generate electricity through turbines. To reduce global carbon emissions and aid the growth of this renewable energy; we’re helping to provide support for two wind farms in northern Turkey. 

Our funding goes towards helping two projects located in the towns of Bandirma and Tekirdag, in Turkey. Bandirma, the smaller of the two projects, consists of only five turbines and is able to supply approximately 52,000 MWh of clean energy every year to the national grid. And in Tekirdag, its fifteen wind turbines are The wind turbines against a setting sun able to supply 95,000 MWh of energy, which is enough electricity to power up to 95,000 homes!

Not only are these wind farms producing renewable energy, but these projects have brought employment opportunities and revenue to the local community; and are indirectly improving the local air quality. If these wind farms had not been created, the land would have been used for either mining or a landfill – producing harmful greenhouses gases such as methane. Both these projects have been verified by the Gold Standard, an international certification for high quality carbon reduction projects.
We’re making the big switch to renewable energy and we’re proud to say that 95% of the electricity used in our stores is sourced from ‘green’ tariff renewable supplies, but we aim to increase this to 100% by the end of 2012. Our funding plays a crucial role in making renewable energy competitively priced compared to other cheaper fossil fuel alternatives, helping mitigate climate change and enabling the world to benefit from greener and cleaner energy