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Forever Fish

M&S' pledge to protect sea life and beaches.

All our wild fish comes from the most sustainable sources available to us, such as either certified as sustainable, participating in a Fishery Improvement Project or working to make improvements with WWF.  Through our partnerships with Marine Conservation Society and WWF we’re helping to protect our sea life and beaches for the future.

Forever Fish has three main objectives:

  • help to protect and save our precious sea life, oceans and beaches for future generations to enjoy
  • encourage eating of lesser known and British fish species, without compromising on quality
  • involving volunteers in cleaning our beaches, and teaching their children about fish
How will we do it?

  • By donating all the profits from the sale of food carrier bags to WWF, MCS and an education programme to protect the marine environment
  • selling great tasting, great quality lesser-known species
  • asking volunteers to help clean beaches around the UK twice a year and record data on the types and amounts of litter found

Watch our film and see how we're helping to develop and implement a sustainability programme for the Orkney brown crab fishing industry


Find out how our Forever Fish campaign is helping to fund WWF's turtle conservation programme in the Great Sea Reef


Join us for the Big Beach Clean-up and you'll be helping to protect beaches and sea life for the future.


Find out how our carrier bag charge funds the WWF PISCES project


Helping WWF to create a more sustainable future for fishing communities