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Welshman, Ceri Lewis, works far from home, managing the Mount Linton Estate in New Zealand. This M&S select farm is one of the largest privately owned stations in New Zealand, providing us with lamb that meets our strict standards of quality and animal welfare. Despite being located in a very challenging environment, this farm is recognised as something of a leader of agriculture in the region. 

Farming began at Mount Linton in 1856 and since then the 32,000 acres of native tussock grass have slowly been transformed into productive agricultural land, which provides nutritious grazing for 60,000 sheep and around 4,500 beef cattle. The success of the estate is especially impressive given that it is located in the far south of the South Island of New Zealand, where the climate can be harsh, providing a real threat to the business. 

To protect livestock from the inclement weather that is common in these parts, and to enhance the natural environment, an extensive programme of tree planting has been implemented, with many kilometres of eucalyptus trees having been planted to shelter particularly exposed areas. In addition, large areas of land next to waterways have been fenced off to prevent erosion and a large lake has been created to attract wildlife and enhance biodiversity. 

Ceri and his team are also working with their co-operative, Alliance Group, and with M&S on a PaceSetter project to improve the sustainability of lamb production, which is funded through our Farming for the Future programme, part of our sustainability initiative.

Managing an operation on this scale is very different from rearing sheep on the Welsh hills, but under Ceri’s sharp eye it seems certain that Mount Linton will remain at the forefront of New Zealand agriculture for many years to come, producing the highest quality lamb for you to enjoy. 

We source lamb from New Zealand for five months of the year when UK supply of quality lamb is not available.

Did you know?
  • M&S lamb comes from farms in the UK form June to December, and New Zealand from January to May 
Nutritional information:
  • Great source of protein - important for growth and development
  • Good source of zinc and niacin (B vitamin) and also provides some iron
  • Trim any excess fat to help manage your intake of saturated fats